Where’s Tiffany

Tiffany is wanting some more work, so if you have a pet friendly property that you are looking at selling, then give us a call, so we can book in Tiffany, as she is certainly loves being in the spotlight.

The buyers love our marketing as per a testimonial from a person that was looking on realestate.com –

“Hi Tracey, I just wanted to congratulate you. This was a truly unique way to market this property. This made me smile and look twice! I loved that you have thought outside the box and featured Tiffany in the photographs and write-up. I hope you get a fantastic result! Good luck and again – WELL DONE!” – From Lara.

Well Lara we did get a fantastic result with the property selling in the first week and over listed price with multiple offers.

Tiffany knows how to sniff out some great properties.  Keep an eye on our listings to see where she pops up next!

And just click on the photo of Tiffany to see her new video!

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